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As a Shopware Freelancer I answer all your questions about the Shopware system. I look after online shops of small and medium-sized companies and offer long-term support so that your shop develops steadily.

If you are looking for a Shopware Freelancer, then you have come to the right place.

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Shopware Freelancer
What I Do
More than 10 years of experience as a Shopware freelancer in the e-commerce industry have enabled me to solve a wide range of problems for my clients. Every client has different needs and I try to find an individual solution for each one. If you are not sure if I can help with your problem, just write to me. It doesn’t cost anything to ask.
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Create an online shop

Are you interested in running your own online shop? Are you looking for a company that understands your customers’ needs, enables you to compete in the Internet marketplace and, most importantly, sets you apart from your competitors? Write to me and you will soon succeed in achieving these goals.
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Plugins / Extensions

Are you looking for a customised, easy-to-manage solution that will set you apart from the crowd? With my help you can. I create plugins for your Shopware shop in the form of easy-to-manage modules that improve the conversion rate and simplify the operation of your shop.
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SEO / Shop Optimisation

Would you like to attract new customers and increase the sales in your shop? Contact me and I will suggest SEO optimization for your online shop and show you how you can intuitively increase the conversion rate in your shop based on the latest UX research (user usability).
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Customised templates

Research shows that potential customers mostly judge a business by its website. Based on this, we decide whether the business is trustworthy or whether it is better to choose a competitor. Your website should be intuitive and clear. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, you need a custom template that gives you confidence and makes you different from the competition.
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Shopware Support / Maintenance

Do you need help with the integration of the payment system? Does your Shopware shop have errors that result in lost sales? If you have problems managing your shop, write to me and we will find a solution together!
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Connection of external interfaces

Do you need individual integration of your CRM / ERP / shipping or dropshipping system? Your integration is based on REST-API communication or perhaps on a CSV / XML file exchange? In each of these cases I have the experience to help you!

Marketplace Experience

Do you need an individual implementation of external marketplaces in your Shopware online shop? As a Shopware freelancer, I have experience in integrating various marketplaces such as: Ebay, Amazon, Kaufland, Manomano, Etsy, CDiscount, Allegro, Baselinker, Magnalistner and many more…

Social Media Feed / Marketplace Feed

Do you need to synchronise your social media feeds or marketplace feeds regularly? I have considerable experience with the popular systems and price comparison portals like: Google Merchant Centre, Instagram Feed, Facebook Marketplace but also lesser known ones like or Just ask.

Individual ERP connection

Development and connection of external interfaces e.g.: Billbee, Weclapp, Bizon, Xentral, BaseLinker, Pickware.

Web Hosting / Server Change

Do you need a new Shopware shop installation? Do you want to change servers or simply optimise your server? I check if your cron / worker is configured correctly, help you to install everything and prepare your shop for a a change to a new server.

Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 Migration / Relaunch

Are you looking for a certified Shopware expert to upgrade your online shop from Shopware 5 to 6? Are you worried that your shop won’t work properly after the migration and want to ensure that all plugins are updated? Are you looking for someone to prepare a relaunch of all products and CMS along with proper SEO migration? Write to me.


Do you need support with Shopware troubleshooting in your online shop regarding the Trusted Shops certificate? I will help you and fix errors that block your shop from the Trusted Shops certificate.

Faster website loading / Google Page Speed Optimisation

I optimise your online shop so that the website loads faster and make other improvements that increase your SEO results. As a Shopware freelancer I guarantee the best results.

Shopware worlds of experience / shopping worlds

Would you like to have an extraordinary landing page or homepage? I have substantial experience in creating Shopware 5 shopping worlds and experience worlds. As a Shopware freelancer, I also work with a designer who can create a website that increases the conversion rate of your shop.

Courses / Workshops / Consulting

Are you wondering whether Shopware 6 is right for you? Do you want to clarify the differences to Shopware 5 and compare the two systems and their possibilities? Are you wondering how to connect everything so that data exchange runs without complications? I offer workshops and will be happy to advise you so that we can find the best solution based on Shopware 6.
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Shopware Freelancer - Mateusz Zmuda
about me
About me
My name is Mateusz Zmuda. I am an official Shopware plugin creator & certified Shopware developer.

Why am I choosing to work as a Shopware freelancer?
After several years of working in a Shopware agency, I have seen what customers struggle with and why they are often dissatisfied.

The eternally long communication that goes on through several contacts, the slow response time when there are critical issues with a shop, or lack of empathy towards the customers are the most common mistakes I noticed in my previous agencies.

I always try to remember that behind every online shop there is always a shop owner, a person, a human being and I believe that a good working relationship and good communication are the basis for solving most problems.

My previous background:
During my studies I acquired the necessary knowledge about designing useful and functional online apps and websites. I started working as an e-commerce programmer during my student days and specialised mainly in Shopware even then.

I worked as a Shopware programmer for several years, then as a team leader and finally as a project manager in a company that dealt with Shopware projects. In the meantime I also worked as a Shopware consultant. The basic core of my work is the implementation of e-commerce projects based on Shopware. I advise clients on how to achieve their business goals with appropriately designed shop and information systems. As a Shopware freelancer, I combine all these roles and try to bring it all together, with me as the boss in the leading role.

Technical stack: PHP 8 , Javascript, Less , Html, Veu.js. languages: German, English, Polish

What I guarantee you:

You will save money thanks to fairly priced support and professional maintenance
You will save time with long-term professional online shop maintenance and perfect Shopware support
UI/UX/ Shop Improvement, maximising the profits of the shop owners
Improve conversion rates by optimising your buying process
Quick reaction to shop errors thanks to constant monitoring and regular testing
Regular plugin update & fast security updates
An Individual approach to your business and your Shopware shop
Shopware support and training to make you feel much more confident in managing your online shop and in the e-commerce industry
What I Did
Are you looking for examples of online shop implementations for Shopware 6? Here you will find what you are looking for. Take a look at the shops of my customers and get inspired.

If you want to learn more about other custom implementations, just visit my CASE STUDY section.
Portfolio tortemich Portfolio Wyjatkowe Portfolio Clean Portfolio Trawis Portfolio Maxpots Portfolio Vinolisa
What clients say about me
Google Bewertung Shopware
In Mr Zmuda we have found a competent contact person when it comes to the administration and further development of our shopware webshop. The coorperation is pleasant, all tasks are completed on time ans the price-performance ratio is very good. We are happy to have found such a good partner as a shopware freelancer who leaves us free to concentrate on our day-to-day business.
Finding Mateusz as a shopware freelancer was a stroke of luck for me. Since I have very high requirements in the area of usability of online shops, the entire basic structure of e-commerce had to be questioned and optimised. In the meantime, a lot of new Shopware plugins (extensions) have been written and integrated. And the best thing is that during the whole development of my onlineshop, I never heard that a wish of mine could not be realised.
It is a pleasure to work with Mateusz. You get the feeling that he is in charge of Shopware. Even when he says: “This is a difficult task, let me see if I can do it”, you know he can do it. With his help, we were able to complete a really complex job in a very short time. Mateusz is just great, both as a shopware programmer and as a person. And when they say you shouldn’t talk about money, I’m happy to do so here: we can’t find this quality at this price anywhere else. I’m already looking forward to next time.
Due to a planned Shopware 6 configurator, I found Mateusz by chance through an internet search. He managed to understand the complex requirements in no time at all and always comes up with some great solutions! He is not only a great Shopware programmer, but also reliable and efficient. I am very grateful to work with such a qualified partner as Mateusz!
Kim Burton
We were looking for a Shopware developer who could realise our new Shopware shop the way we wanted it. With Mateusz we found this partner, and all our wishes were fulfilled as we wanted. A completely customised template was created, plugins were written for Shopware, the B2B area was configured and all questions were answered. The support was always very fast, friendly and professional. The prices are more than fair and we will gladly come back to Mateusz in the future.
Andrew N.
We are happy to have Mateusz on board for our shop projects. As a shopware freelancer, he immediately understood our needs, developed his own approaches and extended the possibilities of our B2C and B2B solutions and the connection to our ERP system. His ability to program his own plugins and themes was particularly helpful. However, all of this is surpassed by his quick response time and willingness to provide service.
Alex Jo.
We are very happy with Mateusz’s work as a shopware freelancer, the job was completed on time and the results are even better than we expected. He is a fast and very professional shopware web designer/developer and we would definitely work with him again!
Thomas W.
As a shopware freelancer, Mateusz has developed several shopware plugins for us, making our shop even more versatile and competitive. There is no “can’t do” for him, he always finds a cost-effective and effective option.
For my clients, I am constantly evolving and try to take a comprehensive approach to supporting the shops.
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Certification Mobile
Certification Marketing
Certification PSPO
Certification Prince 2
Certification Shopware
Certification Pimcore
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Shopware partner at
I am an official Shopware plugin creator & certified Shopware Developer on On my profile you will find both paid and free plugins from me that you can download quickly and easily.

What does that actually mean for you?
  • I create high-quality, Shopware-tested code.
  • I have experience in programming individual plugins.
  • I have knowledge of the different versions, which I have tested in hundreds of different shops.
Do You have any more Questions?

Ask for a free consultation or a cost calculation!

+ 48 660 473 004

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    What distinguishes me as a Shopware freelancer from Shopware agencies?

    As a freelancer, I check, analyse and optimise my clients’ shops on my own. 
    When you enter into  cooperation with me, you have  a guarantee that I will personally take care of your shop. It often happens  that agencies advertise with their best professionals, including especially their cooperation with small or medium-sized businesses, but then pass the project/work on to employees with little experience, which often has a negative effect on the results.

    Compared to an agency, I work faster – it’s often not just about updating plugins, but dedicating more time to the shop, often to solve bigger problems. It’s also important for me to familiarise myself with the brand and get to know it better.

    As a Shopware freelancer, I work on my own. When you work with me, you will receive individual advice and a fairly adjusted price quote. You can be sure that your shop will be worked on by someone who is 100% committed to their work.

    Faster and better communication is at the forefront of my work: I personally stay in contact with my clients (via email, Whatsapp or phone), which makes communication much easier and faster. This direct communication  reduces costs: developer-> team leader-> project manager-> account manager is not necessary with a freelancer.

    Is Shopware 6 the right solution for me?

    Shopware 6 is much more than just an update to Shopware 5, it is a technically new e-commerce system with its own API-first approach. Based on the latest technology, Shopware 6 is now one of the most advanced online shop systems for B2B and B2C. A simple connection to various sales channels such as Facebook, Google Shopping, etc. brings high efficiency, which can be managed centrally via Shopware 6.

    Thanks to plugins and high scalability, the shop system with Shopware 6 can be easily expanded and quickly adapted to your requirements.
    The new Shopware 6 worlds of experience bind customers in the long term through a unique shopping experience and allow content and commerce to interact consistently. The new non-code solutions offer the user the possibility to adjust many things individually, without having to have an affinity with  the coding.

    In addition, a clear and user-friendly backend,  intuitive product management and quick creation of landing pages or categories are significant plus points of Shopware 6 compared to the older version. Better integration of the existing infrastructure such as ERP or CMS, as well as  improved marketing tools such as coupons, discount codes, etc. additionally offer a pleasant and versatile user experience, both for you as a user and for your customers.

    When does it make sense to switch from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6?

    Should you stay with the old Shopware 5 version and only ensure better security for your online shop, or is it better to opt for a relaunch to Shopware 6 and use the latest technological possibilities of Shopware 6? When you want to switch from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is actually a purely  business decision.
    However, the best time depends on many factors and must be decided individually for each online shop. Shopware 6 is a major update with significant differences to the Shopware 5 version, so a one-click migration is not possible. A change should therefore be carefully planned and prepared. 
    I will be very happy to advise you on this process and support you with your decision.

    What does an online shop on Shopware 6 cost?

    I usually create an individually tailored price offer depending on your wishes and ideas for your online shop.
    However, I can offer you a basic online shop for 800 euros.

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    More than 10 years of experience as a Shopware freelancer in the e-commerce industry